Got a Gift Card as a gift?
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How to purchase a Gift Card

Gift Cards can be purchased in the denominations indicated on the website, payment can be made by Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Click here to purchase.

After the purchase, you will receive an email that contains the code for the card: with this code you will be able to use the Gift Card.

NOTE: This is a one time code so please do not use it if you are gifting the card to someone else.


How to activate your Gift Card

To be able to use your Gift Card you need to register on the website and once you have completed the registration and logged in, please return to this page to associate the Gift Card code to your account by clicking here. It can also be possible to associate it at the time of purchase. The system will also automatically copy users to the sites of other events for which the Gift Card can be used.

Once associated to the profile of a user, the Gift Card is no longer transferable to others, not even on the sites of the other events.


How to use your Gift Card

All Gift Cards will allow you to purchase tickets and season tickets for the "Internazionali BNL d'Italia", the "Next Gen ATP Finals" and the "Nitto ATP Finals". Purchases can be made on the official websites ( , , and exclusively within the expiry date associated with the Gift Card itself (reported in the Gift Card section of your profile).

At checkout, the Gift Card’s value will be subtracted from the order total.

If the order amount is less than the available balance, the residual value of the Gift Card can be used for subsequent purchases.

If the amount of the order exceeds the available balance on the Gift Card, the difference should be paid exclusively by Credit Card (it is not possible to pay it by bank transfer).

To pay an order, you are able to use more than one Gift Card: any residual balance will remain available on the last Gift Card used (this credit balance cannot be split between multiple cards).

Please note that if the credit balance of one or more Gift Cards added together is sufficient to pay for an order, it is not possible to partially pay the order by Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

It is not possible to use a Gift Card or part of a Gift Card balance to purchase another Gift Card.

The user will not be entitled to a refund for any remaining balance on the Gift Card.


General conditions for the sale of the Gift Card