¡Regala una Tarjeta REGALO!


You can purchase Gift Cards in the denominations indicated on the website: payment of the Gift Card can be made by Credit Card. Click here to purchase.

Once the payment has been made, buyers will receive an email with the code of the Gift Card: this code will be used to take advantage of the credit connected to Gift Cards.


All Gift Cards will enable to purchase tickets and season tickets on the official FITP Websites:
and exclusively within the expiry date associated on the Gift Card concerned.

Credit on the Gift Card will be reduced from the amount of the order when you pay for tickets or season tickets by typing the code received in the "Redeem your Gift Card" and then clicking on the "Redeem" button.

In case the order amount is less than the available credit on the Gift Card, the user will receive a new code with the remaining amount by e-mail. (Not applicable to purchase of season tickets).

If the order amount exceeds of the Gift Card's residual credit, this difference can only be paid by Credit Card (payment by Bank Transfer will not possible).

To pay an order, it is possible to use more than one Gift Card.

In case the credit of one or more Gift Cards combined is sufficient to pay for an order, it will not be possible to pay a part of the order by Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

However, it is not possible to use a Gift Card or part of the credit of a Gift Card to purchase another Gift Card.

Any credit that has not been used will not be reimbursed in any case.

WARNING: When using the Gift Card to purchase one or more season tickets, it is necessary to use the full value of the Gift Card. Unused credit, it will be lost.

General Terms and Conditions for Sale of Gift Cards